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Obituaries and appreciations published in THE KERRYMAN Wednesday February 4 2015

Tribute to Fr. Carmody by Jill Cotter

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As believers in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to live and share the Joy of His Gospel Message.



Parish Fundraiser - Percy Pig Print

Feed 'Percy Pig' -
Our Parish Piggy Bank


"I like to be fed !!!!!

I eat - all loose change, coins & notes
I eat from 1cent to 2euro coins
My source of food can be found in your drawers, in the cups, in glasses, in your handbag
and even in your trousers pocket.
The bigger the bundle of coins the happier I am. C'mon feed me I need fattening up!
I will be outside both Parish Churches at all the Masses next  weekend 21st/ 22nd February



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