It is with great joy that I welcome back our four choirs to both our beautiful parish churches this Sunday! With the return of our choirs on Sunday, September 19th, we return to an experience of a more fulsome expression of our faith within an enhanced liturgy.

This means some changes to our Mass schedule. This schedule is detailed below with changes highlighted in bold.

Saturday evening 6.30 pm Vigil Mass in St Patrick’s ( my hope is we will soon have music at this Mass )
Sunday morning 6.30 am Dawn Mass including Lauds, Morning Prayer ( for the moment this is on-line only )
Sunday 10 am in St Patrick’s led by St Patrick’s Choir. (Please note NO 9am Mass)
Sunday 11 am in St Brigid’s led by St Brigid’s Choir.
Sunday 12 noon in St Patrick’s led by St Patrick’s Gospel Choir
Sunday 7 pm in St Patrick’s led by St Patrick’s Folk Group

Monday ( opportunity for reflection especially on yesterday’s, ie Sunday’s liturgy, private prayer )
Tuesday, 9 am Mass in St Brigid’s, 10 am Mass in St Patrick’s
Wednesday (on line only)  10 am Mass, 3 pm School of Prayer, 7pm Mass, 8 – 9 pm Talk, 9.30 pm Night Prayer.
Thursday 9am Mass in St Brigid’s, 10 am Mass in St Patrick’s
Friday 7pm Mass in St Patrick’s
Saturday 10 am in St Patrick’s ( Sacrament of Reconciliation, 10.30 am, first and third Saturdays of the month.)

The above schedule will be reviewed on the Feast of St Brigid 2022


It is great to be able to announce the gradual easing of the covid restrictions in both our parish churches. To begin this process, as of next Sunday September 19th, it will no longer be necessary to book your place at Mass and the Distribution of Holy Communion will be restored to it’s rightful place within the Mass.

We will of course continue to do our best to keep everyone safe with ongoing commitment to face masks, social distancing and hand hygiene.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued dedication and commitment to the life of our parish.

Let’s keep each other in prayer, fraternally, Joe McD


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